Entertainment News At It’s Finest!

3 Dec

Hollywire.com is an entertainment news website that covers breaking celebrity news and trending entertainment stories.  The site is geared toward entertainment news junkies ranging from 16 years to 30 years of age.  Through covering younger celebrities such as popular boy band One Direction younger readers are able to relate to the site.  However, the site also covers older celebrities such as Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling for the older demographics.Picture 11

The site is easy to read because it is not cluttered like many other entertainment news websites such as E! News.  Hollywire keeps the trending news stories and breaking news stories at the top of the page so that readers are able to easily access them.  Also, since they are at the top of the page readers know that those stories are current and trending.  It is important for Hollywire to cover the breaking news in the entertainment industry because their competition will be covering those stories.  If the breaking news stories are disregarded the site wouldn’t be seen as “In the know” which is the website’s slogan.
There are also categories for photos, style and video.  These categories make it easy for readers to access the information on the site that they are interested in.  If readers are interested in photos of their favorite celebrity it is easy for them to go to the photo category and look for the gallery that interests them.  The structure is very consistent across the board on this site.  There isn’t much of a difference between the layouts throughout the different categories.
The site also allows for readers to interact with the site.  Along with some of the stories there are polls that ask readers for their opinions on various aspects of the stories.  This allows for readers to feel like they are part of the site and keeps them coming back.  Since they feel invested in the site they are more likely to share the site with their friends.
The mobile site for Hollywire looks exactly like the desktop version of the site.  It is still easy to access and read all of the stories.  Other entertainment news sites do have mobile sites however, at times those mobile sites have glitches and as a group we agreed that we end up switching to the desktop version of the site because it is easier to navigate.
The site integrates multimedia into the text through utilizing YouTube videos.  The site has its own YouTube channel where they host an online series called “Hollywire Hotminutes.”  These hotminutes are usually less than five minutes and are new stories that share what is trending in Hollywood.  Sometimes the “Hotminutes” also include clips from interviews that are done by Chelsea Briggs.  Stories for the site are generated by the “Hotminutes” as well.  All “Hotminutes” are posted to the site and have a story written to go along with them.
Hollywire has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages.  All are easily accessed from the homepage of the site.  Chelsea Briggs, the host for their “Hollywire Hotminutes” on the site’s YouTube page has her own Twitter account that is promoted through the YouTube and Twitter pages.  Chelsea also promotes Hollywire from her personal account through tweeting links to the interviews she does for the site and retweeting many of the site’s stories.
The revenue for the site is generated through advertising.  There isn’t a paywall or premium section on the site.  According to Freewebsitereport.org, the advertisement revenue is around $297,004 for Hollywire.com.  It receieves 135,618 views per day and generates around $407 in daily ad revenue.  This information was last updated on February 25, 2012.
We were unable to find present perspectives from other sources about the site.  However, the site did go through a redesign and relaunch early this fall.  The site is a lot more user friendly than it was in the past.  They also took advantage of the social media aspects that are playing such a large role in today’s entertainment industry.  The old site did not have the Twitter or Facebook pages easily accessible.  Now these pages are on the homepage.
In order to grow, this site should continue to take advantage of social networking sites.  Social networking sites make it easy for people to share news stories.  Through retweeting stories on Twitter and sharing stories on Facebook users are able to share with their friends new content.  Hollywire has grown a lot in the past few years and will continue to grow through their consistently credible stories.  Hollywire truly is “So In The Know” and will continue to be if they keep doing what they are doing.

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