Possibly the worst moderated presidential debate

5 Oct

Jim Lehrer exhibits a poor performance as moderator in the 2012 Presidential Debate.


It was PBS News Hour’s Jim Lehrer’s 12th time moderating the presidential debate; however, many agree he was unsuccessful in his attempts to take control of this year’s debate.






Both of the candidates, especially Romney, talked over him at many points throughout the debate.  “No, no, no,” he said to Romney at one point; who then ignored Lehrer and continued speaking.

Twitter exploded Wednesday night with comments on Lehrer’s performance.  A parody feed titled “Silent Jim Lehrer” was created and went viral over night.




More than 10 million tweets were posted during the presidential debate.  This set a record as the most tweeted-about event in U.S. politics.

Conservative columnist John Podhoretz tweeted that “Jim Lehrer may be the worst moderator in the history of moderation.

“Crazy that Lehrer thinks any of these answers will come in under 15 mins given how broad the questions are,” MSNBC’s Alex Wagner tweeted.

Lehrer responded to his critics by saying that part of his job was simply “to stay out of the way,” reports Politico, and that he “had no problems with doing so.” 

After the debate, hundreds of postings from news sites and bloggers came about as to who they speculated the “winner” of the debate to be. 

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow said that she could not quite declare a winner; however, she could declare a loser-Jim Lehrer.  “That manifested in a way in which the debt format was just dismantled – the format and I think the moderator, with all due respect to Jim Lehrer,” said Maddow.


Taylor Chobanian


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